Why Most Web Design Agencies Fail & Getting to Launch Success

Why Most Web Design Agencies Fail & Getting to Launch Success

Everyone has planned so many things to do for the business, and everyone will be excited to hear that his/her website is going to be launched in the next 2 months. But nothing is more painful than waiting, your web design agency promised to launch your website in two months but 6 months are already gone.

The web design agency you hired is failed to meet their commitment and nothing you can do because it’s not really easy to make an efficient and fully functional website.

There are many reasons for failure, they might not ask you what exactly you want and now, things got messed up. You might not be happy with the design, features, and functions, etc. which often leads you to frustration and disturb your work as well.

So, you are struggling to find where the problem occurs?

When a web design agency fails, there are many reasons behind the failure, some of the very commons are, poor understanding, lack of experience, failed follow-through, weak follow-up, lack of latest technologies, and poor patterns. But, things are already messed up and you need to find out the right website designer who can understand your requirement and delivery you the best within the allotted time.Web design

What you should check when hiring a web design agency:

1. Experience

Every client has different requirements and objectives and many times clients say I don’t know what my goal is, but that’s okay! All is up to the website development agency and what you are going to offer your clients. Good website design and development agency throws these goals away and helps you identify your goals, and some popular goals are:

  • Sell products and services
  • Generate ad revenue
  • Lead generation
  • Increase subscribers

Whatever your goals are, but it doesn’t get fulfilled until your website has an appealing CTA (Call to action). Every successful company knows the importance of the CTA.

Also, an experienced company knows how to land the customers to their goal which is called User Experience or UX. If you really don’t have any business goals then you need to market your website.

Understanding these things requires great experience and such experience comes from spending time in the industry and keeps learning the best practices. Learn to set up the priority to make sure that your website meets the expectations of your visitors and of course yours as well.

2. Management

Effective management is a key to success for every single campaign or project you have got on your list. Whenever a project gets delayed it’s because of weak project management. You need to find where the problem is and there are multiple reasons for the same:

  • The person leading the team is not that much efficient
  • Some gap in communication
  • Lack of understanding
  • Use of improper techniques
  • Lack of resources or techniques

These are some popular causes that lead to the failure of the projects which you should undertake and make proper arrangements to prevent failures.

3. Strategic Approach

Experienced web design firms respect the timelines and using industry experience to get things done on time in the right way. But when the matter comes to deliverables for a project with minimum time, then what to do?

A great company always follows a strategic approach to meet with the accuracy and the deadline. An efficient approach looks like this:

  • Explore The very first step to meet your challenge. Here you know what you need to do and what the best UX possible for the project is.1. Explore The very first step to meet your challenge. Here you know what you need to do and what the best UX possible for the project is.
  • Strategy: This is the backbone of the project where you do the planning, wire-framing, discussing the timelines or deadlines provided.
  • Design: This is the step where you will be provided with the exact concept of design. Here you and your agency will make discussions and adjustments to finalize a great layout of the design to fit with both the desktop and mobile phones.
  • Development: You can call this the internal structure of the website and this can take as little as a month or more than 6 months too depending upon the features and the complexities of the project. This is the step where you develop and troubleshoot the website.
  • Launch: This step will set your website design and development on the launch pad. Once everything is approved and working fine, your website goes live on the World Wide Web. This is the step where you do lots of testing to get the approval to make the website live on the web.

Without any strategic approach, you can’t give your best and meet your deadlines. So, it’s very important to use a strategic approach and assign the various tasks to the respective person or department to get it done within the time.

4.Understanding and checking the various technical prospects

This is one of the most important things to check which most companies ignore easily. You should understand and check the technical prospects to make sure that the website you are going to develop utilizes the latest and secure technology and platform to get developed. Because, if you don’t know the technical things, then it is not easy for you to survive in the market and you won’t be able to meet with the requirements of your clients.

Here’s what you need to understand:

  • Architecture: Architecture is the baseline of any website, software, and application and is chosen very wisely and carefully. You should plan a good architecture for your website because it plays a very crucial role in the indexing and crawling of the website. Navigation and URL structure optimization and planning also comes under this section and you need to discuss these as well in the same.
  • Coding: Coding is used to create and write the functions of your website. The wrong code sends the page errors and server error to search engines and visitors both, which can offend both the search engines and visitors. Always do a check and make sure that your website doesn’t have any coding errors to prevent providing a bad experience to your visitors.
  • Testing and validation: Testing and validation are used to measure the value of the website to check the optimization status of the website. If measured and valued successfully in the right manner, we can clearly see how much and what areas of the website require optimization. Also, testing lets you find the errors of a website such as a browser compatibility, mobile-friendly website structure, redirection issues, coding errors, server errors, and a lot more.

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