Shake Things Up a Bit With a Website Redesign

Jun 12, 2017

Do you find yourself wondering at what point you should start thinking about a new web design?

It can be difficult to decide when and how you should begin with a redesign as it requires commitment on your part and trust in who you hire to handle this important task. However, the worst thing is having a website that is frustrating to your visitors as this can be costly for your business.

Websites should be designed keeping several factors in mind such as easy-to-follow navigation and layout. Your site should be visually appealing and you’ll want a CMS (Content management system) that works well for your specific needs.

The first major red flag is when you’re unimpressed with the look and feel of your own site.

Often times, you only get one chance to make a great impression. If a visitor lands on your site and finds it looking outdated and isn’t visually appealing, unfortunately, most will click the back arrow and go to a different site listed in the search engine results.

Confusing Navigation

When a visitor arrives on your site, they have a purpose in mind. They are looking to quickly find the information they need without a lot of digging. If it becomes too difficult to find this information they will get frustrated and go to another source to find what they need. Yes, at this point “competitor” should come into mind.
A clear easy to follow navigation is important for visitors as well as SEO (search engine optimization). The easier it is for a crawler to search and crawl your site, the better. Keep it simple and easy to redesign

Incorporate Rebranding

You’ll defiantly want to redesign your website (along with your marketing materials) if your business has undergone a rebranding. This isn’t always just about a new logo and colors but often requires updated content as well.

Mobile Friendliness

The days are long gone where needing a computer to access the internet is necessary. Since the mobile device market has exploded, smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way people access the web and get the information that they need. It is important that your website is built so that the structure, content, and images fit and are readable regardless of the device you are using.
In addition, Google is all about providing better mobile experiences for its users. So, the result is a lower search engine ranking on mobile devices for non-mobile-friendly sites.

Additional Functionality

If you want to add additional functionality, features, a blog, etc., this is possibly a perfect time for a redesign. You don’t want things to appear that they have been just tacked on. It is important that your site flows seamlessly throughout.

Keep it up to date

The internet and web technology is perpetually changing. Web technology that was once cool a few years ago is more than likely out of date today. Redesign your website can offer you designs with the latest technology and give your site a fresh new up to date look.


Sometimes we just need a change and want to shake things up a bit. If you are beginning to think that your site is looking stale then it’s a good chance that your visitors are thinking the same. A fresh design may be just what’s needed to add a little excitement to your website.

Think of a Website Redesign as a Great Investment

Your website is meant to bring business. If it’s not doing so, then it’s time to determine the reasons and make necessary changes. A well-designed website is the most effective marketing tool you have, so make the best of it by keeping it up to date, fresh, and easy for your visitors to use.

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