User experience (UX) plays a crucial role in making an app successful, while talking about a successful mobile application, remember that Here’s how to tackle your mobile app performance which in turn will increase your app engagement, downloads, revenues, and brand image.

User experience refers to the set of behaviors that consumers show when interacting with a website or an app. A seamless UX design aims to deliver the right experience, in the right way, at the right time and please users when they use an app or website.

Why is mobile app experience necessary?

The users and potential customers today interact 2 times more with brands on Mobile than anywhere else that includes desktop, laptop, TV or in-store. Also, when people have a negative experience on mobile, they are less likely to purchase from that brand again & may stop using the app. So, offering a better UX design, including smooth performance, is likely to increase the download and popularity of your app. The performance is a product of multiple factors like the server, mobile device, network, and programming of the app.

Impact of inadequately designed UX

Similar to Google looks for better user experience on the website to place it in a better position, so do users tend to attract towards a seamless User Experience (UX) design.

How to understand that your app is failing to impress user?
1Low user retention

If your app fails to build credibility and customer loyalty, it increases the churn rate. So, the retention rate is crucial for developers to measure the performance metrics.
77% of app users who leave the app depends upon on not so friendly User Experience or UX. An increase in churn rate results in lost business. The appropriate design and user-friendly navigation of your app make the user feel comfortable while using the app.

2. Low average time spent

A handful of companies dominate the minutes users spend on a mobile app. Design your app most intuitively, so that your mobile app audience finds it difficult to leave your app early. Also, the content inside needs to be engaging enough so that it drags users to stay long increasing the app stickiness for a great user experience.

3Slow application performance

The most common causes of slow application performance are the servers. One of the reasons why some application takes a long time to load is an overloaded or overworked server.

Effective ways to boost your mobile app UX

1. Use the latest design principle

Why make your app design unnecessarily complicated. Users expect a simple design that lets them work in no time. Most people use mobiles in busy environments, and it drives down their patience. So make sure you simplify the process of product (content) discovery to payment for better user experience.

Tips for designing:
a) Optimize in-app searching for a better user experience.
b) List all of your products, services, and content properly.
c) Make in-app search the main priority for your app.
d) Simple navigation to search and save time.
e) Apply fast & efficient voice search as well.

2. Improve visuals

Using more visuals and content over a small screen is a big NO. You can use images instead of text, but that’s need to be interactive and not out of context. To grab your user’s attention, you have to use both images and text carefully. So that the user experience makes the user stay at the screen for a long time.

Tips for improving consistency in your app design:
• Use the conventional design for an intuitive navigation system
• Highlight each of the interactive elements you add to your mobile app

3. Easy content for all

If you want to present your application to a broader audience and make them easily understand, then you must simplify the content. If your mobile app is for organizational needs, you can use the standard industry jargon and put the menu bar and other links as required. In short, whatever be your application feature and functionality, the right balance of text (easily readable) and image ensures better user attention.

4. Optimize the signing-up process

Constant popups for registration may irritate users. If you are an e-commerce mobile app, don’t make login mandatory for browsing.
It is found that “nearly 56% of the users drop-off because of registration compulsion.” For many businesses, sign-ups are essential, also as a business, you need to keep the visitor data on your system. However, your aim is to get user information and make them sign-up without disturbing their action of browsing.

5. Reduce app load time

Light-weight design with a well-bedded framework creates an incisive interface offering seamless user experience. You have to reduce app load time to 2 seconds to increase user engagement

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