Role of Size in Logo Design – Bigger or Better?

Role of Size in Logo Design – Bigger or Better?

Designing an inspiring logo is a very tedious job in reality. The logo is considered as the unique identity of a company’s brand. The logo is not a single entity of text or graphics rather an integration of both the elements. Whenever the clients approach a web designer for designing their logo, they demand jumbo-sized logos. But in reality, the big size is not always the ideal option. A Good Logo should be identified in size and there’s no question whether it should be small or big as long as it delivers the exact message. These businessmen fail to realize that a logo is more than just a graphic designer.

The concept of getting a logo design is often misinterpreted by some clients with buying a meal from a fast-food outlet. A logo isn’t a touchable object that can be quantified. Rather, it is an intangible service that has intrinsic features that define its quality and effectiveness. A common client argument is that a bigger logo will make more impact on their intended customers.

Bigger logos do not make a positive impact

Logos are the first impression of a brand or an organization. Many clients are under the wrong conclusion that big size logos will attract their potential audience and hence force the designers to create logos in big size. But in reality, a big size logo is not always the better option. Though logo plays an important role in representing a brand’s reputation, it does not always mean that big sized logos attract their potential audience.Logo Design

Unidentifiable size can make a logo worthless

Logos are the shortest and more convenient way of expressing a brand. If logos properly convey the company’s motto or vision through its design, then there is nothing better that could make it successful. The size of the logo should depend only on the concept behind it. An inappropriate size not only ruins the entire design but also reveals the brand identity incorrectly. This means even if a logo carries a beautiful message, an unidentified size could make it completely zero. But, the majority of the logo designers are aware of such mistakes as they possess the skills to guess the practical advantages and limitations of logos that their clients don’t have.

Don’t overcrowd your logo design

A company’s potential customers may also react in the same way when big sized logos are advertised on various media. Though you want your logo to be highlighted on the billboard, you would never want your target customers to consider your brand as an annoying, upsetting, and horrible logo.

Make room for the text

Instead of considering a jumbo-sized logo design, entrepreneurs should give importance to how to convey their core business message. Instead of demanding the designers to create a bigger logo, entrepreneurs should pay attention to the content of the message that goes with the graphics of the logo. Even small-sized logos can be effective and meaningful if they deliver the company message to its target customers in the right way

Consider the importance of Negative space

Many designers prefer to keep the design layout simple and minimal. But some entrepreneurs consider this as an incomplete design. They would further force the designers to fill the empty space with something important. But they fail to realize that it is not just empty space but a negative space that shows creativity. This negative space can be used to explore the creativity of the design. A very small logo can also ruin the design. Therefore, a designer needs to keep the layout such that it balances both the size and the content.

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