Use Digital Signature…Contact less e-work for Corporate World..Emerging office trends@corona times

Use Digital Signature…Contact less e-work for Corporate World..Emerging office trends@corona times

Now a days “Digital Signature” is a very popular word. With the technology development day by day now we are moving from the hard copy like pen, paper world to digital era. In this modern time due to outbreak of pandemic COVID-19, not only International border even Intra Country border are temporary sealed to reduce the spread of this pandemic epidemic. All types of National and international business are now forced to work from home to control this COVID-19 outbreak and stay safe. So every company needs to do their most of business work digitally due to absence of physical presence. And documentation most of business-related work and signed with their partner are also a very necessary process for running a business. But due to absence of physically presence digital signature can be a very great help to an organization to run their business in these challenging times. Use of digital signature is the same thing as that of a handwritten signature. Now-a-days most of the government and private tenders are published and submitted electronically only. In India it is mandatory to submit some important files like Income Tax, Sales tax etc electronically. And in all this electronic submission uses of digital signature is mandatory to make it legally binding. Use of digital signature is also important to send some secure email as well as doing some web-based monitory transactions. Anyone can also use Digital Signature for code singing of any software developed to prove ownership of domain name. In India uses of digital signature is also compulsory for patent and trademark registration.

What is Digital Signature?

A Digital Signature is a modern technique which use a mathematical equation for verifying and authenticity of digital documents. It verifies any digital document such as email, spreadsheet, a text document, etc. and confirmed that document is authentic or not. The digital signature ensures data integrity and non-repudiation. It is like electronic fingerprints. Digital signatures use a standard format, which called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide the topmost levels of security and universal acceptance. It is used an advanced cryptography technique to confirm authenticity, integrity of digitally signed documents. Digital signature can provide different auxiliary information of document like document origin, identity, etc.  

How Digital Signature Work?

Digital Signatures are mainly based on asymmetric cryptography. It is mainly following a specific protocol, called PKI. With the help of mathematical equation PKI mainly generates two long numbers, Called Keys. One key is public, and one key is private. When a person digitally signs a document, the signature is created using the signer’s private key, which is always securely kept by the signer. The mathematical equations act like a cipher, creating data matching the signed document, and encrypting that data. And the only way to decrypt the data is with the signer’s public key. This is how digital signature is works.

Digital Sigature work flow

How Digital Signature beneficial to all?

Faster and Convenience process: With the help of digital signature anyone can do their signature or collect signature from anyone from anywhere of the world at any time. So location is not a matter for digital signature. You can easily sign a document and send it directly to candidates with the help of their email address or other documents sharing options. Without any physically contact anyone can sign and return the document remotely.

Improve your work flow tracking: Digital signature can improve work flow tracking functions of a company. Sometimes in business process you need to sign multiple documents but due to hectic scheduled you just missed to sign it, which hamper your work flow and deadline. Digital signature process can incorporate into the work flow process and reminds the document author to complete their chosen signatures. It helps you to complete your tasks faster and move on to other tasks, enhancing your work flow.

Bulk Signature benefits: With the help of digital signature any organize can develop a automated paperless solution into their work flow process, and they are move towards an improved and streamlined work flow process. Digital signature provides the capability to do the bulk signature and result a better systematic work flow process.

Increase Document Security: Digital signature can increase the data security process. It has already proven that Digital signature can protect digital document from forgery and tempering with the help of its advanced security and encryption feature. It also provides different types of benefits like signer identity validation, content integrity, trusted time stamps etc. This all interesting fundamental features of digital signature provide more stronger security than a traditional paper document.

Reduce budget: Without any hesitate anyone can use Digital Signature to reduce their organization expenditure budget. Digital signature reduces the cost of traditional manual process such as printing, Scanning, Signing, mailing etc. Digital signatures are also Eco friendly and can help to save paper, electricity etc.

Automate the Work flow Process: Digital Signature can automate the signing process by configuring digital signature process and integration. You can configure Digital Signature into work flow process and automatically send a document with digitally signed and you can get it digitally signed from them.

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