Using Resources in Bookings

Resources can be added to multiple bookable products with a global level of availability and availability rules.

Examples of usage include:

  • An assistant who can be booked to organize a wedding or a 50th birthday party, but not both at the same time.
  • A room that can be rented for a kid’s birthday party or for a company event, but not at the same time.

Adding a new resource

Global resources can be viewed and added via the Bookings > Resources menu. A list of current resources and the products they are assigned to is displayed.

Click the Add Resource button above the list, and the Add New Resource screen appears:

Add new resource
Add new resource


Give the resource a name/reference, and also input the quantity available.

There is also an ‘availability rules’ section that is similar to products. Learn more about Availability Rules.

Make sure you name your resources appropriately and do not use the same name twice to make managing your site easier as your site grows.

When done, click Save/Publish to make the resource available.

Adding a resource to a product

Once the resource has been added, you can assign the resource to products. Edit a bookable product, tick the Has resources box, and then go to the Resources tab.

Screenshot 2015-01-15 15.10.42

If you choose ‘New resource’ from the dropdown and click Add/link Resource, you are prompted for the resource name. Once entered, a new global resource is created in the system.

If you choose an existing global resource from the dropdown you’ll be prompted to add at least three characters. You can then choose an existing global resource to link it to the product. Once added, you will see two additional pricing options:

Screenshot 2015-01-15 15.11.55

The base cost is applied when the resource is chosen; the block cost is multiplied by the number of blocks booked.

The costs of each resource will be added to the price of the bookable product to allow for different prices depending on the resource chosen (e.g. the ball room is more expensive than the regular meeting room).

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