How to fix Database server does not support the innodb storage engine in Magento

When installing Magento, you may see the error “Database server does not support the innodb storage engine”. In this quick tutorial for developer, we will learn how to fix this issue for Magento 1.7 and Magento 1.9 (downloader) installation so that you can continue your installation flawlessly.


When you see this error, normally it’s caused by incompatible MYSQL version on your server. This error is mostly occured when you install Magento version 1.7 on a server running on MySQL 5.6.

You will see this error on Configuration step during installation, it looks like this

Even if your MySQL server supports Innodb (check it by using this command in Magento CLI)

You still see this error, so what can we do to get rid of this error?


Method 1

If you don’t want to override corefile of Magento, just downgrade MySQL 5.6 to 5.5 and the error will be gone, follow this detailed instruction to downgrade MySQL version

Method 2

We can also trickly bypass this error, open Mysql4.php file located in  app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Db/Mysql4.php  and find the following lines

And replace with the following lines

As you can see, we replace  SHOW VARIABLES  with  SHOW ENGINES  and  have_innodb  with  InnoDB

We can also just commend Innodb check function to by pass this step, as below

Method 3

For Magento 1.7 running on Mysql5, we can also bypass that Magento error by using these lines

The added line is  if (substr($variables['version'], 0, 3) == '5.6') { which will tell the function to return true if Mysql version is 5.6.

Refresh the installation step and the error message is completely gone

Fix this issue in downloader for Magento 1.9

The issue was fixed in Magento 1.8 but somehow it appears again in Magento 1.9 if you use downloader to install Magento. We can also use the method above to fix this, replace your code in downloader.php with the following code:






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