Custom availability with date and hour range

The below tutorial will show how to create custom availability settings to include hours and custom date ranges.


Bookings should

  • Only be available on Mondays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Not be available on September 22nd, 2014

Bookable product configuration

  • Go to: Product > Add Product
  • In Product Data, select Bookable product
  • Set the Booking duration to “Fixed blocks of 1 Hour(s)”

bookable product

Availability settings

  • All Dates are not-available by default
  • First block starts at … 8:00 AM
  • Range type
    • Monday | From: 8:00 AM | To: 4:00 PM | Bookable: Yes
    • Custom Date Range | From: 2014-09-22 | To: 2014-09-22 | Bookable: No

If you were to view this at its current state, you will not see any available dates for booking. A combination of Custom Date Range along with Time Range will require that you also add Range of Days.

  • Range type:
    • Range of days | From: Monday | To: Monday | Bookable: Yes

The order of which these are displayed will also need to be changed so that the Custom Date Range is below.


Customer view

The customer will see this the availabitity option:



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