iPhones are powerful little devices, but is it powerful enough to create and foster an entire social media marketing strategy? Oh, you bet.

Social media marketing is a crucial step for emerging brands — it connects you and your brand to your audience in such specific and important ways. One of its most important aspects is immediacy, so knowing how to grow and run your brand socials from your phone is a must for any marketer on the go.

In this guide we’ll break down seven ways that you can grow your social media brand when only armed with your iPhone. And the best place to start?With the new Canva app for iOS. Create stunning designs on the go using the fully stocked library of free and premium elements, photographs, and layouts, and share your designs with the tap of a button.


01. Keep it Visual

In the realm of social media marketing, visual content is king. With consumers scrolling through hundreds of ads, posts, and notifications at any given moment, it takes a bold visual content strategy to set your brand apart from the rest.

But how can we create eye-catching content worthy of engagement from our phone? Get acquainted with Canva’s social media layouts. Beautifully designed and fully customizable, you can find a template to suit just about any need and create content in a flash.

Check out how athletic wear brand Lululemon uses custom visuals to promote their various links to content. A stylish and beautiful graphic is always far more engaging, eye-catching, and enticing to click on than a simple URL.


Whenever you post a link or interesting piece of information from your phone, consider quickly dressing it up with a simple graphic to encourage those clicks. Canva has a selection of visually engaging templates you can easily access on your iPhone.

02. Get Persuasive with Language

All good marketers know the value of a few carefully crafted words. And, the beauty of this is that you can craft a strong call to action from anywhere, even just your iPhone.

With Canva’s iOS app, you can easily add text to your images and designs in no time at all. Pair your persuasive call to action or inspiring quote with a powerful image and a beautiful font combination and you can create a striking piece of visual content on the go.

Need some inspiration? Check out how Hotel Quickly create inspiring quote graphics for their Facebook page by pairing beautiful images with simple typographic combinations. Simple, strong, and successful!


For inspiration on combining typefaces to unlock the perfect combination,check out this complete guide that takes the hard work out of mixing and matching fonts.


03. Keep It Up to Date

Social media is a constantly working machine, perpetually churning out live, up to date and current news and information, so in order to stay on top of the social media game, your brand needs to stay relevant. And what better way to do that than by sharing in-the-moment content directly from your phone.

But, live content doesn’t mean it has to look rushed or rough. Check out how food van Pinchy’s share in-the-moment content by snapping a photo, and running a simple on-brand graphic and type over it.


Canva’s new iOS app is equipped with a handy live camera that allows you to snap photos from directly in the app, meaning you can keep your audience in the loop too. Check it out in action:

Have something interesting happening in your office, a live update, or a cool event unfolding? Snap a photo, upload it into a design, and share it to keep your followers updated and in the moment.


04. Enhance Your Photos

So you’ve got a beautiful image saved on your phone that you want to share. Before you do, have you considered enhancing it with a filter or two?

Filters are incredibly easy to use tools that can enhance, dress up, or change the whole tone of your image with the simple tap of a button.

Filters are also fantastic for helping to keep your imagery on brand. Check out how subscription box service Lucky Dip Club use high-saturation, neon filters to bring out the exciting, animated, and playful tones in their imagery, keeping each image consistent despite the varying subject matter.

Lucky Dip Club

Apply a preset filter or customize your own directly from your phone using Canva’s easy to use image tools. Use the preset filter gallery or tweak your image to pixel perfection by using the image adjustment tools.

05. Collect Powerful and Consistent Imagery

Stunning imagery is the foundation of successful visual content. A powerful image has the ability to grab users’ attention and direct it in very specific ways.

When using imagery it’s important to keep it on theme and tailored to your brand. Does your brand post inspirational, scenic shots of mountaintops and serene landscapes? Or do they focus on emotive images of consumers and people?

And the good news? You don’t have to be a master photographer to unlock stunning images. Discover a fully stocked library of breathtaking content from your phone with Canva’s photo library. Full of beautiful free and premium stock images that are ready to use in your designs, there’s truly no excuse to have a lacklustre photo album.

Be sure to check out the striking social media templates available made with images from the Canva photo gallery, as shown below, or start from scratch by uploading your own!

06. Create Valuable Content

There are a lot of different types of content that you can offer your audiences, and one of the best types by far is content that is valuable to your audience.

A popular way brands have taken to offering valuable content on the socials, is by providing access to ebooks.

As author Rachel A. Olsen notes, ebooks can act as the modern day business card. “It adds a level of credibility and seriousness to what you are providing and makes you stand out in your field as an expert.” She says, “The benefits include raising your profile, obtaining traction with potential customers, and creating awareness.”

Brands like Hubspot make the most out of this technique by offering users free ebooks that help to establish their brand as a paragon of marketing know-how.


But how do we create such valuable content from our phones? Well, havingCanva on your iPhone makes it possible. Thanks to the multi-page tool, you can instantly create multi-page documents that look beautiful, read cohesively, and engage your audience.



07. Get Your Content Out There

Arguably the most important part of a successful social media campaign is putting your content out into the world. At any given moment, countless other brands are pumping out content to users, so to keep up with the clamour, you need to be doing the same.

There are many schools of thought and varying opinions on how often you should be posting content on each of your socials, pictured below is one outline by DowSocial. But, for your own brand, embrace trial and error and see what works for you.

Dow Social

Try not to commit to an overly ambitious posting schedule if you don’t think you will be able to keep up with it. Just be sure to keep your posting consistent, regular, and interesting.

Whatever your chosen posting schedule may be, the Canva app makes it easy to get your content out onto the socials. Once you’ve finished with a design, easily share it directly to social media, email, and/or Slack.


Over to You

It doesn’t take a whole host of complicated software, apps, and complex strategies to foster a successful brand on social media, but rather, it takes a strategic approach to your content.

Keep it visual, keep it engaging, keep it up to date, and keep it regular. If you are consistently posting eye-catching content that is of value, people will eventually start to take note, and your engagement numbers will begin to reflect that.

Plus, be sure to check out Canva’s new iOS app to get started with creating your own beautiful visual content right from your iPhone.

Do you have any tips or tricks for curating a successful social media marketing strategy from your phone? Or have you encountered a brand that you feel really nails social media? Feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comments below!

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