How will voice search change digital marketing?

How will voice search change digital marketing?

Hello digital marketers, we are back again with another new topic to take the digital marketing discussion further to improve our knowledge and project performance both. The term “Voice Search” is gaining great hype in digital marketing and everyone belongs from the field is doing a lot of research and discussion on the same.

What is a voice search?

Voice searches are also the search queries performed by users by speaking to a device that uses voice recognition technology. Nowadays, we can easily talk to our smartphones and laptops through Google Voice Assistant, SIRI, or Cortana to perform voice searches on the web and within the device as well.

Google queries were rising at a great pace every year and we should start optimizing our website to make it voice search friendly for the future.

How do people use voice search?

Voice search is a great invention in internet search as we can talk to browsers to get the answers for our search queries. It takes a lot of effort to develop such technologies and it’s improving on a daily basis. The main reason for its inception is to reduce the time to enter a search query in the search bar by typing on the keyboard.

In fact, you can get the results on queries instantly and at the same time that is taken to type the query in the search bar; and the answer we got is equal and very accurate. All this happening is just by talking to your internet and voice search supported devices.

Voice Search

The future of digital marketing

Voice search has a great impact on digital marketing and there are many things to consider in mind while optimizing the website for search queries. Generally, queries are longer than the queries which we used to type, meanwhile, users prefer to use longtail search terms or keywords in voice search.

We should need to optimize the UI, UX, and design layout as well to make the website more interactive. Also, the website content also needs improvement and should be optimized for those longtail keywords.

Social media platform leverages AI and Machine learning 

Social media platforms are leveraging machine learning and AI to improve their website visibility and making it more convenient to use for users. The automatic words suggestions, # tag suggestions, and uploading posts by voice on social media platforms, and performing searches on search engines. All these activities are possible and become easier since its inception.

Local searches are stronger

Most of the queries are local and we can say that most mobile voice searches are almost local. Meanwhile, your website should be optimized to be more visible on local queries on search engines. You should need to prepare a strategy to improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

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