Facebook Marketing For Small Business

Facebook Marketing For Small Business

For many small businesses, Facebook marketing makes the most sense. Facebook allows you to create custom pages, have conversations with your customers, and easily post photos and videos. It is also very user-friendly and reaches a wide audience. Even if you don’t have a personal Facebook account, it is more than likely you know someone who does. When used properly, Facebook can be an amazing tool for generating business.

7  Tips For Optimizing Your Company Facebook Presence

Brand Your Company Page

It’s critical that your company Page is branded consistently with your company website and other marketing materials. You want people to immediately recognize that they have come to the right place, that they are viewing an extension of your brand. Don’t just slap up a random panoramic image, and assume that people will make the connection. They won’t. Visual branding is important, and it sets the stage for a meaningful connection with your audience. So make sure that Facebook (and all your social media) matches—and promotes—your all-important brand.

Claim Your Custom URL

Part of the branding process is claiming the custom URL for your Page. This means replacing the random set of letters and numbers that follow www.facebook.com with a name that is relevant to your business.

On your company page, there’s a button right beneath your cover image called “Update Page Info.” Click it.

On the menu page that pops up, the second field is “Facebook Web Address.” Click “Edit.”

In the space provided, type in the custom name for your Facebook Page. Usually, this should be your company name or a commonly used abbreviation of it. The custom will URL will look like this: www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname.Facebook Marketing

Link Your Facebook Page to Your Personal Profile

No, you don’t have to merge your business activity and personal activity. Keep them separate, if you want. But Facebook does allow you to link your personal network to your business presence so people within your personal network can find your company and refer your business more easily.

Go to your profile. On your cover image, there is a button for “Update Info.” Click it.

In the “Work and Education” field, there’s a space that reads, “Where have you worked?” Enter the name of your company’s Facebook Page. Facebook marketing should auto-populate some choices. When you see your company Page, select it.

Add in your position at the company, your dates of employment, and a brief description of the business. Don’t forget to add the company website address in your description. This is one more useful link to your business website!

Click the box, “I currently work here” and then add the job.

Include a Facebook “Like” box on your Website

Make it easy for website visitors to connect with you on Facebook. There are a lot of ways to add Facebook Like boxes to your site as a simple plugin, especially if your site is on an open-source platform like WordPress. The best Like boxes allow users to click “Like” without bouncing them off your website. Yes, you want people to like your Facebook page, but you also want to keep them on your site so they can find whatever info they were originally seeking. If you have customized “thank you” pages or landing pages for certain campaigns, it helps to add a “Like” box to those as well.

Communicate with your Audience in a Genuine Way

A company Facebook Marketing isn’t a vehicle for peppering people with sales messages. It’s a medium for connecting with your target audience and building loyalty to your brand. You do that by offering them useful, relevant information related to your area of work. If you’re a dentist, talk about oral health. If you’re a real estate agent, discuss housing trends and how to find value in a home. Share information like you would with your real-life friends. That’s what social media is designed to do. Then, every once in a while, you can mix in a special offer or invite your contacts to participate in a promotion. But your posts should be about 80-90% informational and only about 10-20% promotional.

Give people a reason to like you on Facebook

I always chuckle when I see a sign in a business that simply says, “Like us on Facebook!” Okay, why? What’s in it for me? You need to incentivize. Offer a special deal for people who like your page. Promise to help them with useful information. Give them a reason.

Make it easy for people to find your page

Another problem with vaguely asking people to like your page is you haven’t told them how to find it. Sure, people can log in to Facebook and search for your company Page using Facebook Marketing Graph Search. But why make them do that? Every extra step you make people go through decreases the likelihood of them engaging with you. Instead, put your Facebook Page’s URL on your sign, or better yet, a QR code that when scanned by a smartphone takes the person directly to your page. In online communications, like email, include your Page’s URL, or better yet, a Facebook Like button embedded in your email.

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