SEO – Know the Sheer Power of Links

SEO – Know the Sheer Power of Links

SEO for Boosting Google Rankings is now mandatory. SEO is a set of guidelines website owners can be followed to optimize and have a good results for their web sites for search engines. An SEO audit is an important process for assessing the search engine friendliness of your websites in different aspects. When you type a search into a search engine, its job is to work out which page is most likely to be about what you typed in.

There are two main factors:

  1. What the page itself says it’s about?
  2. What the rest of the world says the page is about?

The first factor is important. You should optimize your pages around your chosen keywords (more about choosing keywords another time).

The big, really important factor is what the rest of the world says the page is about. And that comes down to one thing – inbound links.

Basically, these are the two factors that dictate how high you will rank for your keywords.

Related (with similar subject matter, very important).

And have high Page Rank (very important – Page Rank is an indicator of how respectable the linking page is).

That is what distinguishes the top-ranking pages from the also – rans (and the top-ranking pages get the lion’s share of the visitors, and sites that get more visitors get more business). So increasing your search engine ranking is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more business via your web site. And the way to do that is to get more relevant inbound links.

Here’s the problem

Creating your own links is a very laborious, time-consuming business. And if you go chasing links from irrelevant, low-Page Rank pages, you are totally wasting your time. There are tools coming out onto the market that help you find pages that are relevant and well-respected. The newest one comes from the guys at WordTracker, who have been building tools to help professionals and amateurs do better SEO for years. It’s called “Link Builder”, and it’s easy to use (like their main keyword research tool) and very effective. They are also currently discounting the tool, so if you would like to take a shortcut to boosting your search engine rankings, here’s what to do.

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