Through Social Media Marketing – 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost your Website Conversion

Through Social Media Marketing – 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost your Website Conversion

Accept it or not –Social media is the big thing now. According to the estimates from Statistic, in 2019, there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, an increase from 2.46 billion in 2017. This fact alone should cause all the marketers to consider the opportunities for their own social marketing campaigns. In fact, this landscape has huge potential to boost your website conversion rate. Having said that it is also true that social media marketing is as complicated as it is huge.

The social media crowd is never static. People come and go; interests and preferences change almost daily. So, before investing heavily in this avenue it is crucial to understand the landscape thoroughly. Getting stuff correct means making great returns, but if something goes wrong your team and brand may suffer immensely.

Boost Your Website Through Social Media marketing

Boost Your Website Through Social Media marketing

With this mind, here are the top five ways to increase your website conversion through social media.

Social Media Strategies to Boost Website Conversion

So, you’ve got loads of fans and followers on your social media page. That’s really great! It feels good to have all those likes, shares, comments and engagement on your social posts, correct? But now what?

Popularity alone is not sufficient for a brand’s survival. That popularity should lead to something useful – conversion is the word. Your posts should inspire your fans and followers to take an intended and useful action – hit the Buy Now, Contact Us, and Sign Up or Get a Call Button. Convert those followers to your loyal customers. Here are some useful social media strategies to do that.

1. Time your social media interactions

The best thing about marketing your business social media platforms is its wide reach; you get fans from all across the world. But it is also the biggest challenge of all times – trying to interact with people within different time zones is tricky. Ideally, all of the social media interactions with your fan base should be scheduled according to peak use times. People trust consistency. If you interact with your followers at regular times during a week, you are going to develop a genuine and loyal user base for your brand. This long term brand loyalty can lead to great conversions. There are several tools that can help you know the best time to engage your users and schedule your posts.

2. Send them to relevant landing pages

Know where you want to take your followers, and take them there. Your social media profiles and your website should have a great bonding with each other. Ensure that all of the links shared along with your social media posts work and takes the readers to the page you want them to engage in. If your social post talks about Employee Retention Strategies your landing page should have complete information about the same subject. Avoid surprises – deliver what is promised. Also, promote your company social media profiles on directory listings, forums, guest blogging sites, etc. This helps increase your brand visibility.

3. Analyze your data

Simply posting on social media without knowing what’s working and what’s not won’t deliver a return on investment. You need objective data and you need to move according to those data. You can monitor the results of your social media marketing strategies using popular analytics tools like Crazy Egg or Google Analytics. This analytics data will help you create and post content the right way at the most effective time of the day. It will also help you know where most of your website traffic is coming from. This targeted marketing will surely improve your website conversion numbers.

4.  Develop informative social content

Your social media posts should always deliver value – a solution to a problem or answers to complex questions. While humor may generate an exceptional number of likes and shares, they don’t usually lead to long-term sustainability. While your post doesn’t need to belong to be valuable, it should be substantial. It should be informative and should deliver something that will excite the followers to take an action.

5. Create attention-grabbing headlines

Your title is certainly the highlight of your content – make it stand out. It is the first thing your followers will read and perhaps the last if it fails to impress them. So, create something attractive that will make them read your entire post.

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