Backlinks: What Are They and How Can They Help Your SEO?

Backlinks: What Are They and How Can They Help Your SEO?

Backlinks: what are they in reality? Do you know how they can boost your rankings in search engines? We give you a review of what backlinks do to your site and why you need to invest in them.

Backlinks: What Are They?

There are several ways to define backlinks. In a practical sense, we see backlinks as votes of approval from other websites about your site. It’s other websites saying they acknowledge your site exists. They are often referred to as incoming links.


Backlinking is allowing other websites to carry your content links on their websites. It is preferable to have these backlinks on sites that are highly ranked by Google. This boosts your ranking as Google sees your site is already getting a vote of confidence from an established site.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are of great importance as they help in raising the rank of your site on search engines. It helps build the authority of your site and search engines want to offer a site that has the authority and is real. With backlinks, you will also build a list of relevant materials for the reader to choose from.

Backlinks Creation Methods You Need for SEO

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be approached in several ways. First of all, you can have a different site run your article for free. The site is in need of quality content and you are willing to provide this. In the article, you mention what you have to offer on your site. This directs traffic to your site in the process.

You can also use a guest blog on your site. This way, the guest will share this article on their site and link it back to your page. You can also volunteer your content to not-for-profit organizations giving a link to your site. This greatly builds on the authority of your site.

Broken Link Method

This is an interesting way of getting different sites to backlink your site. It is achieved by searching for broken links in a site and notifying the webmaster of the existence of a broken link.

While notifying them of a broken link, you recommend other sites that they can backlink, ideally your own. The webmaster is likely to buy your argument because, in reality, you are doing them a favor. There are various ways of tracing broken links. These include the use of Chrome plugins like Check my Links which can quickly show links with the 404 error.

Building Relationship with Influencers

Another way of ensuring your links appears in different sites is by developing a great relationship with influencers. For example, if you sell holiday destinations on your site, you can work with bloggers who write about tours and travel. Whenever these bloggers want to write something about a certain topic, they will always find themselves linking back to your site.

The relationship can be mutually beneficial for both sites and so doesn’t necessarily require you to pay for such services. You can also work with bloggers and other sites that are on the lookout for quality content to use as a reference.

Writing Testimonials and Reviews on Other Sites

Testimonials are a good way to get your content onto other sites and offer links back to your site. This is achieved by requesting a chance to review a product you have been using. If you are the user of a product, you can write a review of your experience with that product and in the process earn a backlink.

Promoting Your Content (Paid Content)

This is one of the most used methods but also comes with risk. There are sites that will provide backlinks for a fee. This can be in the form of a link, or an entire article published on a backlinking site. Buying backlinks can be effective but it’s also frowned upon by Google and may lead to action against your site.

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