How AI and Machine Learning are Poised to Supercharge Web Design & Content

How AI and Machine Learning are Poised to Supercharge Web Design & Content

Humans have always had a fascination with AI and Machine Learning. We write books and produce countless movies about robots taking over the world. But have you noticed that you never see books and movies about this far more insidious possibility?

Machines taking over web design and content creation and putting us all out of a job !

Well, I don’t think we need to find a new line of work quite yet. But there are some fascinating forays into using artificial intelligence and machine learning to power web design and content creation. And in this post, I’m going to dig into those possibilities and show you some of the tools that already exist. At least for now, those forays are all about making your life easier, not replacing your job. But who knows where the field advances down the line! I’ll give you a quick intro to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Then, I’ll get into some of the WordPress plugins and design tools that are using artificial intelligence to improve our favorite CMS.

What Are Artificial Intelligence/ AI and Machine Learning ?

From a high level, artificial intelligence is a fairly simple concept. It’s just the idea of a machine that can complete tasks in a “smart” way. That is, it’s a computer system that can handle a task which previously would have required a human. Machine learning, on the other hand, is a subset of artificial intelligence where machines “learn” as they’re exposed to new data. While it’s not the only example of artificial intelligence, machine learning is one of the hottest approaches right now. Whereas a traditional approach might involve programming a set of “rules” that the machine always follows, machine learning uses algorithms that allow machines to “learn on the go”, so to speak. And that’s what makes machine learning so interesting.

What Can AI and Machine Learning Do Now Or in the Near Future ?

WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence/ AI and Machine Learning .

Artificial intelligence in plugins is still a relatively new industry. We’re starting to see these plugins pop up more and more. But so far, their usage is not widespread and the applications are limited. Still, there are some intriguing options you can consider for your designs right now. Just be aware – these plugins are all fairly new. That is, they don’t have the long history and community of more popular plugins. So be careful about relying on them too heavily.


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