Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Developing and executing a social media content strategy is hard work. It can take hours and days just to get your first plan together. But it’s important to take the time to do it properly. An effective social media strategy will drive more web traffic for you, help you build deeper customer relationships, and improve your customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately sales.

Embrace the visual

We all know tweets with images get more engagement. We’ve known for a while that photos on Facebook get more engagement. Even images on Linkedin get more engagement. Three of the “newest” social networks, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, are based entirely on images. Create not only a branded “featured image” to share with your post, but also create separate images for each of the main points in your content so they can be shared when you repeatedly post them to social media.

Headlines matter

You’re writing great content, but are you writing a title worthy of grabbing someone’s attention in social media? If not you either need to:

Create better titles that help your posts to be more promotable on social media or

Create a new title specifically for sharing your content on social media. Don’t just settle for one title. You should be posting your content multiple times, so you should be creating multiple titles, and even doing A/B testing to see which headlines are more effective to promote your content on which social networks. You might also want to use a tool like BuzzSumo to help you research effective titles for the same type of content per social network.Content

Customize for the platform

When sharing content, utilize the customizable posting features on each social media platform–this includes the headline, image, and a description of the content you are sharing. Every marketer and social media user is competing to catch the user’s eye, so the more optimized your post is for a particular platform, the more effective your social media promotion will be.

Share at the right time

Though this tip may seem like common sense, many content marketers overlook this simple concept. For maximum engagement, the content you’re sharing needs to reach as many people as possible, so you have to go where the crowd is–and when they are online and active. Then you can compile a posting schedule to ensure you post during a certain time of day. Keep in mind that different social media platforms may not have the same peak times. While there are many infographics telling you the best time to post on social media, some of it simply comes down to understanding how users engage on each social network and experimenting.

Don’t be afraid to post multiple times

Numerous data studies suggest you will be more effective by promoting the same content multiple times on social media. With multiple images and multiple headlines for your content, you can engage with your followers without them even knowing a link is to the same content you posted earlier. As social media users don’t see most of your social media posts on any given day anyway, consider posting multiple times to social media as a way to ensure your audience has a chance to see your content.

Ask questions

Drive social media users to communicate with you–and increase the chances they engage with your content–by asking for questions and feedback. Because social media was made for people and not for businesses, you should always be striving to create a human connection with social media users. The beauty of social media marketing is that it can be used to improve both your public relations as well as content marketing simply by asking for a response. To generate feedback and promote engagement on social media, include a question with your content that compels readers to respond.

Share on the right platform

With so many new social media sites sprouting up and vying for attention, it can be hard to keep up. Just when we thought we knew everything with the emergence of Ello, now comes Tsu. While having accounts on various sites can be advantageous for fostering innovation and staying creative, it can also be difficult to choose which platform to post your content to.

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