5 Most Exciting Wearable Tech Devices and Apps

5 Most Exciting Wearable Tech Devices and Apps

The mobile technological world is more exciting than ever, with companies inventing mobile, internet-connected devices that are improving lives in a myriad of ways. One realm that has taken off is the wearable smart device world. There are countless wearable mobile devices today that are paired with mobile apps that make life easier, more comfortable, and more fun.

Myontec Mbody Connected Shorts

For runners who always thought they’d have to wear a heart rate monitor on their wrist, something exciting has arrived. Myontec, a wearable tech company, has created smart wearable technology in the form of shorts, which can track electrical signals from your leg muscles as you move. The Myontec shorts can also track heart rate and cadence and, via an app connecting mobile and the wearable device, provide insight into how each muscle is performing on each leg. Athletes can use smart shorts as a piece of wearable technology in 2019 to analyze and then improve performance.

Ringly Smart Ring

This year, Ringly, a top wearable technology company specializing in smart jewelry, has made its smart ring available, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best pieces of wearable tech devices in 2019. The ring, which is stylish and looks like a regular piece of jewelry, tracks activity and records it via an app. The wearable smart device counts steps, measures distance moved, and tells how many calories a person has burned. The ring also alerts people to when they are getting a phone call or message, and it is a water-resistant piece of smart wearable technology so it can be worn all day.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit fitness tracker has been around for quite some time and is definitely among the most popular wearable technology. However, this year, the wearable company is coming out with an even more exciting product: the Fitbit Alta HR – a fitness tracker that is designed to be among the best wearable tech in 2019 as it does more than just tracking things like steps taken and distance moved. People can use Alta HR to track and improve their sleep habits. The wearable mobile device was created in conjunction with sleep experts at Johns Hopkins University, and it can detect what stage of sleep a person is in (and for how long). The Alta HR, in addition to doing all of the other normal fitness tracker things, can tell wearers how long they were in deep sleep and REM sleep through the night. The app can also act as an enhancement between mobile and the wearable device that offers helpful advice via the app so that a user can try to improve their sleep.

NFC Ring

The NFC Ring is a piece of wearable tech devices for 2019 that people can wear on their fingers, then use for payments. The NFC ring uses Near Field Communication to power devices that also have NFC technology. Rather than take out their credit card, ring wearers can simply tap an NFC device to pay. They can also use the wearable smart device to lock and unlock doors, access apps on their phone, and more. The NFC ring is water-resistant, and its matching app securely stores personal and payment info for convenience.


LVL is a piece of smart wearable tech devices that acts as a hydration monitor to help people ensure that they’re drinking enough water. People wear LVL on their wrist and the wearable smart device measures their hydration, heart rate, and activity. The device can prompt wearers in real-time to drink more fluid, and it keeps records of people’s activity and health in a paired app. By inputting their moods into LVL’s app, LVL connects mobile and the wearable device to learn to predict how well a person will sleep and how their hydration levels will affect future moods.

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