Time and Attendance




01st​​ December, 2017




01st​​ April, 2020



Employees are expected to be punctual and regular. If, for any reason, they are late or absent, they must inform their line manager via SMS, email or phone call. In case of absence,​​ leave application form needs to be submitted to the line manager.​​ 

Office Timings

The Firm encourages a five-day work week for its professional employers with week-ends off. However, the office​​ may​​ open on Saturdays and you may​​ need to​​ attend work if​​ the management​​ feel the need to and/or when required to by your Reporting Manager.​​ 

Working hours

The normal working hours from Monday to Friday/ Saturday​​ are 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. with​​ 45 minutes lunch break​​ between 01:00 PM – 01:45 PM and 15 minutes break between 04:45 PM to 05:00 PM.​​ However,​​ as an employee, you are expected to work additional hours as when reasonably necessary for the effective performance of your job or as business demands necessitate.​​ 

Attendance and timekeeping

  • You are expected to attend work and organised meetings punctually at the times​​ required. This​​ is an integral part of reliability and professional conduct.​​ 


  • Employees are requested to clock-in​​ at least​​ 9​​ hours a day and failing so will be treated as absence to work and deemed as half day of absence to work.


  • Employees are required to arrive by​​ 10.00 a.m.​​ 


  • Any start time after 10:00 AM will be counted as permission/ tardy and should be availed in the lines of the procedures for permission of 2 hours/ 2 tardy of 1 hour each before the official office time, No Late applications shall be entertained.


  • If you are going to be late for work, you must call ahead to inform the appropriate person and then apologies must be made​​ along with a written email.​​ 


  • Only 2 tardy’s of 1 hour each or 1 tardy of 2 hours are allowed in a month, Any additional tardy will be treated as half day’s leave without pay.


  • Tardy cannot be clubbed with any leave


  • You should advise your manager when you leave THE OFFICE premises during working hours, except during lunch breaks. This will ensure that you can be located in the event of an emergency.​​ 



  • An employee is permitted to avail only​​ 2​​ hours of permission in a month.​​ 


  • Employees must submit to their Reporting Person,​​ "Permission application form"​​ indicating reasons for and duration of permission.


  • In case if the employee avails permission in the morning he should call upon his reporting person and inform him of his late coming and later should submit the approved permission form to the HR Dept​​ on the same day,​​ No Late leave applications shall be entertained.


  • Permission should be approved by their concerned reporting person and submitted to the HR dept .​​ 


Usage of Access Cards​​ and​​ Attendance Register

  • Employees are advised to use the access cards as and when they access the doors.


  • The employee will be marked absent in case he/she has not flashed his access card, and​​ not​​ marked the clock-in and clock-out time in the register​​ while entering THE OFFICE.​​ 


  • In case of forgetting to bring the access card to the office,​​ registration in the access card register​​ along with the apology email for the same day will be matched to mark the attendance.


  • If an employee is facing problem while marking attendance on machine, i.e. machine does not recognize him, he must report to the HR/Admin Office immediately.


  • Employees must refrain from manipulation/falsification of attendance records including proxy attendance. Employees may face strict disciplinary action if found guilty.


Early Leaving

  • An employee shall be exempted for early going once in a month for two hours on any particular day, but it is very essential to inform one day/ 24 hours in advance to complete urgent work. Except for this, anyone who would be leaving early before the office hours, that particular day shall be considered as a half day. Which would be deducted from the salary or can be taken as half-day CL. This cannot be accumulated.

  • Early leave cannot be clubbed with tardy or any leave, early leave application would be discarded in the case a tardy is applied


Lunch Break

The official Lunch Break is between 1:30 p.m. to​​ 2:15​​ p.m. Lunch break is taken during the specified time. In are circumstances when you need to break for lunch at a different time, you may do so in a considerate manner such that visitors to the office and/or your colleagues are not inconvenienced in any way.

Professional staff working at client locations will need to observe the clients working hours and lunch break.

All employees working outside the firm’s offices must inform their Reporting Manager of their work location(s) and contact telephone numbers in advance. Any change in work location and/or contact numbers, must also be communicated in advance by you to your Reporting Manager and to the Receptionist of your reporting office. Reporting Managers will provide contact details (in writing) of their team members, on a weekly basis, to the Receptionist of the reporting office.

  • It is important that you take the breaks which you are given.​​ 


  • Breaks are important for your rest and​​ well-being.​​ 


  • If additional breaks to your lunch break are taken throughout the day, then the additional time must be made up either at the start or at the end of the day.​​ 


Time Off

Occasionally you may require to take some time off during the course of the working day or you may wish to leave a little early. Whenever you feel the need to do so, please obtain prior permission of your Partner/Reporting Manager.


Your integrity in being punctual is a quality that is highly valued by the Firm. If you expect to be late in arriving at work in the morning or in returning to work after lunch, you are required to inform the office or your reporting manager at your place of work.

If you expect to report late for work in the morning, for more than two days in a row(say on account of a training program or medical visits etc.), then please ensure that you get prior approval from your Partner/Reporting Manager.

Unauthorized delay; Professional staff have no grace period whatsoever, in the reporting time. However, owing to the pressures of travel or other circumstances, it is possible that you may occasionally be delayed​​ in​​ arriving at work. The firm believes that its people take punctuality as a personal responsibility and is therefore willing to make occasional allowances for late arrival. However, a serious view will be taken of those employees who are habitual late comers and leave or salary may be deducted for habitual late arrival.​​ 


An attendance register (Muster) is available at the reception in different departments.

Each day as you arrived at work, please ensure that you sign against your name in the Muster. Muster entries should be made in a daily basis and not in one sitting for several days.

A serious view will be taken if the Muster is defaced or incorrect data is recorded in it.

The Internal Human Resource (IHR) department is responsible for the maintenance of the Muster and is the only authorized body to add/delete names and/or title its columns Non-IHR personnel are not authorized to edit the Muster.



Our​​ “Work​​ From​​ Home​​ Policy​​ & Procedure”​​ applies to employees who may be asked to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis​​ or​​ in case of any uncontrollable pandemic or epidemic situation, natural calamities or as regulated by government.​​ This policy​​ and the below terms​​ ensures that, where possible, working from home is viable for as many employees as possible.

  • During the coronavirus crisis, employees may work from home if their job permits it. Your line manager will decide whether your job permits home working.

  • WEBNOO operates a minimum of 40 hour working week.​​ 

  • It is expected that standard office hours will continue to be 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM including a 1 hour break in total for most services. Staff will therefore be required to work hours that facilitate and enable the operation of the services, however viewing the situation of COVID-19 crisis staff is being given a flexibility​​ with max 90 minutes of​​ flexibility to start the day work

  • Staff need to maintain their time and attendance by punching the log-in an log-out time on​​ WEBNOO HR Portal​​ or any suggested platform by your​​ line manager

  • It’s the responsibility of the staff member/ employee to maintain a​​ minimum work hours​​ of​​ 8 hours​​ per day​​ with at least​​ 80% of productivity​​ and less​​ than​​ 15% idle minutes​​ in the time tracking tool such as time doctor, However the​​ Sales and Marketing Team​​ should maintain at least​​ 70% of productivity​​ and less than​​ 25% idle minutes​​ ​​ with​​ 8​​ hours​​ of work​​ per day

  • Lunch break: There is no set time for lunch but a break of at least 60 minutes must be taken; for standard office hours this would normally be between 01:00​​ PM​​ and 01:45 PM plus 04:45 PM – 05:00 PM cumulative.

  • Accountable hours: The hours worked over the four week accounting period; for full time staff ranges between 160-216 hours dependant on the total number of working days (pro-rata for part time employees)

  • The allowance of any below accountable hours​​ (calculated​​ for both work hours and average of idle minutes in a​​ month)​​ between accounting periods would be deductible from the staff monthly or hourly pay. This figure is pro-rata for part-time staff.

  • In case the total number of hours worked by the staff doesn’t match with the minimum number of work hours in the particular month, the difference shall be deductible from the staff monthly or hourly pay cycle

  • In case the total​​ average​​ percent of allowed​​ idle​​ minutes​​ (i.e.,​​ X%​​ idle minutes allowed per day​​ multiplied by total number of working day.​​ For example​​ X=15%​​ per​​ day​​ idle​​ minutes​​ with total work day being​​ 22 days​​ results to 15X22=330%​​ in total)​​ doesn’t match with the total​​ actual idle​​ minutes of the staff​​ (i.e.,​​ Y%​​ as total​​ actual​​ idle minute by staff,​​ For​​ example​​ Y=25%​​ actual total idle​​ with total work days being 22 days results 25%​​ X 22 =​​ 550%), the average differential idle​​ hours and​​ minutes​​ (For example​​ 550%-330%=220% divided by 22​​ equals 10% over limit idle minutes)​​ would be deductible from the staff monthly pay cycle​​ by multiplying it to total number of working hours in a month​​ ( For example 22 being total working days will equals to 22X8= 176 hours, when multiplied with average differentials 10% in this case would result to 17.6 hours or 2.2 days of pay cut )

  • Any staff from sales and marketing would not be eligible to compensate the differentials idle minute by doing over-time other than the allocated standard business time of work or as specified by the line manager or management

  • The staff also need to submit their day and week targets​​ and task sheets​​ one day prior or 20 minutes maximum at the start of the day​​ or work timer​​ for day task and at the start of the week​​ along with​​ objectives, deadlines and monitoring arrangements, with a focus on outcomes and achievement, failure to​​ complete the same​​ might result in attendance being marked absent, to get the clarity on the same the staff can request the line manager in the allocation of the same

  • The staff is also responsible for submitting the report of the work carried out and task completed or pending​​ every day and every week for both day and week report​​ to their line manager without any​​ failure to complete the same might result in attendance being marked absent.





1. All employees must adhere to their committed schedules and to come to work on time as scheduled. If the employee commences to work prior the official working time; the employee still will have to stay until the end of the official working time unless working in flexible time duty.​​ 

2. The Line Manager should ensure the working hours are being adhered to and should inform the HR department regarding violations immediately. However, the HR department should conduct monthly random check across departments to ensure compliance with Time & Attendance Policy.​​ 

3. Every employee should ensure that he regularly and punctually log into Time Attendance system daily before starting work and at the end of their day.​​ 

4.​​ The​​ employee will be liable for Disciplinary Action as per the guidelines of that policy. The employee should also compensate the lateness in the​​ incidents at the end of working day or during the same month to complete the assigned duty hours. If employee joins the office after grace period it will be considered as​​ HALF DAY.

5. If the employee is late, the employee will be liable for Disciplinary Action as per the guidelines of that policy; unless the employee informed the Line Manager in advance about his need to be late for an urgent issue or personal need. In such case the Line Manager should notify the HR Department approving the lateness and will be considered as personal permission to be deducted from the personal permission allowed per month.​​ 

6. The employee should ensure completion of all assigned working hours on a monthly basis. If the employee works less than the total assigned hours required per month, this will lead to Disciplinary Action as per the guidelines of the policy.​​ 

7. For repeated instances of absence without authorized leave or with no explanation for such absence from duty, or missing from assigned station without explanation, refer to Disciplinary Action policy and Absconded Employee policy.​​