1 December, 2017




1 December, 2017


  • PURPOSE:​​ Webnoo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” approaches to business are based upon the​​ core set of values which are consistent with the ethical conduct at all times. Our company is committed to highest ethical standards and to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.​​ 


The purpose of the Business Ethics policy is to ensure that​​ our employees and managers have a detailed understanding of company’s standard of business operations and the expectation of our partners and customers.​​ 


  • SCOPE:​​ This policy guides our employees to know standard business conduct and practices which will help us to make a healthy and conducive working environment in the company premises.


  • ELIGIBILITY:​​ This policy is applicable for all the employees existing in the company.


  • STANDARDS OF BUSINESS PRACTICE:​​ The Company is committed to high ethical standards in​​ our business dealings. In day to day business activities, all employees are to follow and observe the laws, rules and regulation of the company mentioned below.


4.1. Compliance with Rules and Regulations:​​ The company is subject to laws and regulations of​​ the government. Violation of governing laws and regulations is both unethical and subject the company to significant risks in the form of fines and penalties and damages the company business reputation. Each employee must comply with applicable laws, regulation and company policies.

4.2. Protect Confidential Information:​​ During the course of work, an employee may have access to confidential information about the company, suppliers and customers. Employees must not use of confidential information obtained through their employment for personal gain.​​ 

The disclosure of confidential information to any third party during and after employment is not permitted unless the disclosure has been appropriately authorized and is for legitimate business reason and the​​ information is being communicated securely.

4.3. Conflict of Interest:​​ Every employee has a duty to avoid business, financial and other direct or indirect interest or relationships which conflict with the interest of the company or which divides his/her loyalty to the company. Any activity which appears to present such a conflict must be avoided unless, after disclosure to the appropriate level of management, it is confirmed in writing that the activity doesn’t constitute a conflict of interest and is not detrimental to the reputation of the company. ​​ 

4.4. Bribery & Corruption:​​ Our company is resolutely opposed to bribery and corruption in whatever form it may take.​​ 

Bribery is an offer, promise, giving, asking or acceptance of an advantage as an inducement​​ for doing something improper in your work or to gain any commercial, contractual or personal advantage. Corruption is the misuse of office premises or business position for private gain and which is immoral and incompatible with ethical standards. Employee should not be engaged in any kind of these activities.


4.5.​​ Treatment with Customers:​​ Mutual trust and confidence between the company and customers is vital. All employees should strive to consistently deliver service excellence and value for money, meeting customers’ expectations and anticipating their changing requirements. Employees should have clear understanding of both customer’s need and the company’s obligations which depends upon the open and clear communication with the customer.


4.6. Treatment with Suppliers:​​ Our suppliers are entitled to fair treatment. It’s the responsibility of our employees to maintain relationship with our suppliers, vendors in a fair and reasonable manner consistent with all applicable laws and good business practices.​​ 


All purchasing decisions are based on price and supplier’s abilities to meet the company needs. Under no circumstances are decisions based on personal relationships. Employee should employ the highest ethical standards in source selection, negotiation and​​ administration of all purchasing activities.


4.7. Gifting and Hospitality:​​ The company doesn’t allow any employee to accept or give gift, service, goods or any favours from any suppliers, customers, vendors or competitors for his/her personal gain and without informing his/her reporting manager. In case of common courtesies or business perspective, employee can accept gifts or inducements from the vendors or customers which should fall under company’s marketing provisions.​​ 


4.8. Competition:​​ The company​​ always compete vigorously and in fair and ethical way. Competitive success is built on providing good value and service excellence. When in contact with competitors, employee must avoid discussing confidential information of the company and no attempt will​​ be made to improperly acquire competitors trade secrets or any other confidential information. Employees should not be engaged in any conduct or practices with our competitors which would conflict the laws applicable to business concerned.


4.9. Accounting Standards and records:​​ All accounting documentation must clearly identify the true nature of business transactions, assets and liabilities in conformity with relevant regulatory, accounting and legal requirements. Employee should not materially misuse or​​ knowingly misrepresent management information for personal gain or for any other reason.​​ 


4.10. Company Assets:​​ The assets provided by the company are there to assist employees in performing their day to day responsibilities efficiently and productively.​​ It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that these assets are used for work purposes not for personal use.


4.11. Personal Conduct:​​ Each employee of the company irrespective of their positions represents the organization to the outside world. The way they represent themselves is the way our company is perceived. Therefore, it is the employee responsibility to maintain the highest professional standards and etiquettes at the times irrespective of any situation or conflict. This applies to interaction within the company also.


4.12. Health, Safety and Environment:​​ Our company is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable environment and workplace health and safety laws and regulations. It is also the responsibility of the employees to maintain the standards and efforts of the company to make a healthy and safe working environment.


4.13. Promoting a Positive workplace:​​ All employees want and deserve a workplace in which they feel respected, satisfied and appreciated. Our​​ company goal is excellence in the workplace and an environment that supports honesty, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility. It’s also the employee responsibility to work in a manner which contributes to make a positive working environment in the company.


4.14. Political contributions:​​ The company doesn’t make contribution to political parties, political candidates or organizations which are politically active. The only exceptions might be in countries where there is a legal requirement to do so. Employee should not engage in any kind of political contribution without informing his/her reporting manager.


  • ADHERENCE TO POLICY:​​ Since our company aims to maintain high ethical standards in carrying out its business activities, practices of any sort that​​ are incompatible with the company’s principles and policies are not tolerated.


Strict adherence to these principles and supporting policies is a condition of employment in the company. If any employee breaches this ethics policy may result in the disciplinary action.


The disciplinary action will be taken not only against the employee who authorize or participate directly in the violation of the policy, but also against-


  • Any employee who may have deliberately failed to report a violation of the policy.

  • Any employee who have deliberately withheld relevant and material information concerning the violation of this policy.

  • The violator’s reporting managers, to the extent that the circumstances of violation reflect inadequate leadership and lack of diligence.