Video Conferencing Collaboration Tool Benefits and Usage

Video Conferencing Collaboration Tool Benefits and Usage

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Video conferencing collaboration tool benefits and Usages are well known by everyone. Video conferencing Collaboration systems are being largely embraced by organizations of all sizes as they provide a number of advantages to businesses. This technology can be used in a different atmosphere to cater to different needs. Video conferencing is most largely used for conducting business training, meetings, online seminars, etc. Video Conferencing collaboration is the most powerful tool for business and online education all over the world. In modern business Webinar use for implementing core business and marketing strategy. Video Conferencing collaboration tools help to conduct online face to face business meetings and discussion without physical presence.

The word Webinar is very powerful and significant word for Modern business, Education etc. Webinar is developed with the help of two most useful word of modern era “Web” and “Seminar”. A webinar is a live Audio Video event that held over internet. A large number of participants from different location of the world can simultaneously join and participate in this platform.

In a live video webinar Speakers and participate are interact with each other in real time as well as they can share audio, video, slides, documents etc. in this live platform. Although file and screen sharing tools is the most powerful tool for online live discussion, there have multiple other modern tools like chat boxes, whiteboard, raise hands, recording etc. are available. This all tools are very helpful for interacting with each other and a deep understanding about the online discussion topic. The webinar is the latest and advance platform for today’s first pace world.

Main uses of video conferencing collaboration platform:

Online Education: 

Now a days most of the college and universities of the world conduct lots of online and open courses. And multiple student from different location join this course. So live video webinar can reach a large set of students around the world without having them to physical presence. Online webinar platforms have made it very easy for educators and participants to live discussion at the time of live video webinar. And this process has completely resolved the barrier of location which was one of the major challenges faced by students. Now the educator has just to send the link or meeting Id to the participants located anywhere around the globe to join the educational webinar. And they can easily join the seminar without any hassle.

Business Meetings or Business collaboration: 

Users mainly interact through webinars for business meetings and business collaboration. Any company can use webinar is a very important meeting tool. Through online webinar video meeting company can discuss all their topic in real time. They can share any kind of document, slide etc. Even they can record their meeting as a IT proof. With the help of webinar meeting company can reduce their travel cost because they are completed their client interaction meetings in sitting office. Company use live webinar to update their employees for important details. As it is nearly impossible for a big organization to gather all employees under a roof at the same time.

Advertising and marketing a Product: 

Webinar or video conferencing collaboration platform is a very useful and powerful tool for digital marketing. Online webinar platforms can help to advertising and marketing a product wide range. When a product launch or demonstrations are carried out through a live video webinar, it is likely to gather more audience engagement rather than a static graphic or physical launch. It helps in building a customer-brand relationship by answering the questions asked by customers. It later converts into brand loyalty. 

Generate New leads: 

Although business leads can be generated by the marketers in a multiple way. But effective and high sealing converted leads is something that marketers can struggle with. Product launch or a important and effective discussion of a product are a very important way to generate high quality effective leads that marketers are actually looking for. When you are conducting a webinar then who take the action to register and attend your webinar are as high quality as it gets. 

What features can a webinar have?

The uses of the webinar are totally depending upon the host and the participants. But the total number of features to choose from are on a wide scale. It means that the total number of tools you use to host your webinar have to be flexible enough to provide you with features that will keep your participants engaged, no matter the topic.

There have different types of webinar or video conferencing collaboration platform. Every webinar platform has different version like, Free, Premium, Enterprise etc. And every higher version provides more functionality.

For example, Art stage have offers Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise version. But the Premium & Enterprise version have full and unlimited access of all-important features. So, this version might be a very helpful if you regularly engage in hour-long conferences.

Below are some important webinar features in Art Stage that helps your video seminar a very easy and smooth way. Learn how you can take advantage of the video conferencing collaboration tool while you start your own webinar.

Public and Private Chat:

This feature allows participants to type text conversation or ask queries during the live conference. This is a very useful mode of conversation on a live video conference. So, you can ask your query or continue your conversation without disturbing the speaker.


It allows host and participants to draw or annotate a shared screen. Whiteboard feature enables you and other participants to take notes. It helps to discuss ideas with drawings, or draw a flow chart to demonstrate a process.


Mainly webinar run live so that the host and the audience can interact with each other and continue their conversation in real time. But sometimes some participants miss the live webinar then the host can share the recorded version of webinar.

If you want to demonstrate something during live webinar from your own pc screen then screen sharing features important. Participants can see exactly what action you are taking on your screen in real time. Screen sharing can be very much useful for product demonstration on online learning.  If you’re sharing a video or presentation in a non-traditional way, screen sharing is a way to show your audience what you’re seeing through the video conferencing collaboration tool.

Surveys and Polls:

Having your participants answer a question in text chart or Rise Hands can become a little chaotic when your audience is larger scale. Surveys and polls tools during your live webinar mainly use. As the video conferencing collaboration allow you to give set options for your participants to select. It keeps your results organized in one place. Polls and surveys give your audience an easy way to engage with your presentation and questions in a quick and orderly manner.

Sharing Presentations and videos:

You can share your presentation or videos with your audience in live webinar by using this video conferencing collaboration tool. It is a very effective tools for sharing documents or video in a webinar.

For webinar hosting, it is crucial to have a stable internet connection. So that a webcam, a headset and webinar hosting system or mobile or tablets is mandatory. To participate or hosting a webinar through video conferencing collaboration you no longer need to install additional software or equipment. Therefore it is mandatory to have a computer or mobile with a stable internet in a webinar.

In the modern era all modern computers have the all required components out of the box. On top of that, you do not have to possess any special technical knowledge. So, if you have any registered webinar account then you can easily host a webinar.

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