Mobile Email Development: Scalable vs Responsive Design

Mobile Email Development: Scalable vs Responsive Design

Mobile email use is continuing its rapid ascent and not showing any signs of slowing down. With nearly 40% of email opens taking place on a mobile device, it has never been more apparent to marketers that they must adapt and optimize their email marketing campaigns for mobile use.
The two best methods for optimizing email for mobile are Scalable Design and  Responsive Development.

Scalable Email Design

Scalable email involves a single design that can be easily read and used in both large, regular-sized monitors as well as 480px wide smartphones. A scalable email is resized by smartphones to accommodate the phone’s diminished width, but can still be read with ease. The best way to make sure your email is still easy to use on mobile devices is to think big. Scalable design is a fairly simple approach to mobile email optimization and does not require any extra time to prepare, only extra consideration. Scalable email can yield mixed and imperfect results when dealing with large amounts of content within your email.

Responsive Email Design

Responsive email development involves having multiple designs that can each be displayed depending on the size of the device that they are viewed on. By using CSS3 @media query tags, email marketers and developers can resize, reposition, and remove text and images from their standard desktop email design to create variations that are mobile friendly. The appropriate variation can then be displayed according to the device that the email recipient is using.The extra time spent on responsive email development results in unique variations of your campaign that are built, intended, and truly optimized for each device.


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