Developing a Content Strategy for Your Mobile App

Developing a Content Strategy for Your Mobile App

The most fundamental piece of the design lies in the content that the app will deliver to its users. Content strategy is defined in this context as whatever you are using to engage the user; whether it is by providing information, a service, or entertainment. One of the biggest challenges is not just choosing which content to offer, but ensuring that it will remain engaging over time. One good practice is diversifying which content is offered to continually engage app users in different ways. By focusing on content foremost, developers can be confident they have a strong foundation to build a compelling app around. First-time app developers often struggle with generating successful content on their own, but if they utilize WEBNOO’s development platform it can actually be quite simple to continually deliver quality content.

Finding Success With Mobile Roadie’s Content Management System

Dynamic, fresh content is one of the most compelling drivers for app use, but continuously updating an app’s information can be taxing on developers. WEBNOO’s Content Management System makes it much simpler by allowing developers to provide users with real-time updates that are synced across iPhone, Android, and the mobile web. By making it possible for developers to update their apps through their web browser and see results immediately, WEBNOO makes it simple to keep apps fresh and engaging.Content Strategy

Guiding  Users to Good Content

No matter how great the content within your app, sometimes users still need an extra nudge every now and then to encourage them to return to your app. That’s where WEBNOO’s push messaging is effective. Push messaging allows developers to send a message to everyone with the app and can be effective at generating app traffic. Often used for special deals or time-sensitive content, push messaging is extremely effective as long as developers are considerate of their audience. Send too many messages, or irrelevant ones and users can be annoyed or frustrated enough to remove the app, but if the content of the message is relevant or timely it can effectively encourage your audience to check out what’s new.

Proximity  Marketing

Geofencing is another tool offered by WEBNOO that is extremely effective at increasing traffic within your app. Developers can compose a message that users receive automatically when entering a certain area. Often used to provide users with information or coupons upon arriving at an event or venue, it engages users with relevant, timely content that they’ll appreciate. Easy to implement and maintain within the CMS,  geofencing offers developers another effective avenue to deliver quality content with little hassle.

The Bottom Line

Apps only retain users for as long as they can provide them value. The companies that develop apps but ignore their maintenance struggle to hold onto their users and find very limited success. Those companies who remain dedicated to their app beyond its original development retain their users and can greatly benefit from the relationships a great app forms with their consumers. WEBNOO CMS is a powerful, one-stop destination for creating and delivering a quality content strategy that helps developers with any level of experience successfully execute their mobile strategy.

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